Check out the Tentative Schedule

I'm going to try to post as regularly as I can, but please know that I'm still settling in from my move. I've got a LOT of big plans for us, but I sometimes run out of time! But the show must go on, as they say! Here's a rough idea of what I've got planned. (By the way, this is all free!)

Week 1  

  • Tuesday September 4 - How to know if color is the problem  
  • Thursday September 6 - The Top Color Mistakes I See  

Week 2  

  • Tuesday September 11 - Ways to Use Those Busy, Loud, but GORGEOUS Prints and Colors  
  • Thursday September 13 - How to Mix Fabric Lines for a Custom Look  

Week 3  

*New(ish) Free Pattern*  

  • Tuesday September 18 - The Color Secret Artists use to Maximize Creativity  
  • Thursday September 20 - Using the Personal Color Wheel (I'm planning on a live event!)  

Week 4  

  • Tuesday September 25 - My Favorite Playful Color Tools  
  • Thursday September 27 - I'm sharing and demoing live (I think!) one of the painting exercises from the Playful Color Theory for Quilters online workshop.