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Freezer Paper Piecing Masterclass

So! You've stumbled upon my very most favoritest technique. Lucky you!

I love it so much that I put together an online workshop to help anyone who wants to master this amazing technique once and for all. After going through this program you'll never waste your precious free time ripping paper foundations again! 

If you're serious about learning this amazing technique, I want to invite you into the Freezer Paper Piecing Masterclass with this exclusive offer.


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Here's what's inside the Freezer Paper Piecing Masterclass...

Complete Video Instruction

Access a library of detailed, skill building videos.

I'll walk you through the Freezer Paper Piecing technique step by step in this online workshop. You'll learn everything there is to know about Freezer Paper Piecing in these detailed, professional quality, videos. The videos cover Set Up and Prep, Pre-Cutting for Foundation Piecing, Freezer Paper Piecing 101, 102, and 103. 

a $59 value

Enjoy detailed step by step instructional videos. 

Freezer Paper Piecing Workshop

Check out this amazing bundle of foundation patterns! No need to feel overwhelmed at the ripping of the paper, because I'll teach you how to never have to do that again!

Foundation Pattern Bundle

Enjoy a fun array of patterns to practice your new skills.

I'm including a well rounded bundle of patterns for your enjoyment and practice. In the Masterclass you'll find the Bright Star, Gemma, and 4 Modern Triangle Sampler Blocks. 

a $42 Value

In Real Time (Live) Support

Let's do this together! 

Each week I'll be demoing the techniques in real time as we go through a special technique based Quilt Along.  

a $37 value

Join me as I teach the Freezer Paper Piecing techniques, in real time.


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Hear what students are saying...

Stargazer BOM, Julie Robertson
Freezer Paper Piecing Workshop

Don't wait to learn Freezer Paper Piecing

Rebecca Bryan, Bryan House Quilts

It feels like magic everytime! 

You might think I'm a huge nerd (anddddd you wouldn't be wrong!), but when I learned the Freezer Paper Piecing technique, my quilting life changed. 

I'm completely serious. 

(See? Big nerd!) 

Prior to learning Freezer Paper Piecing I made an amazing quilt, that even graced the cover of American Patchwork & Quilting (hashtag lifetime acheivement!). The quilt was beautiful but its making took a toll on me. Ripping the foundation papers from each block took my mom and I hours and hours, much longer than the actual piecing! And our fingers were destroyed and sore. 

I swore I would never. ever. ever. again. paper piece. 

That's right, I swore off paper piecing. Which honestly takes a lot of gorgeous quilt patterns off the design wall, so to speak.

Happily a friend introduced me to Freezer Paper Piecing and long story short... angels started singing and I could foundation piece again! (So not kidding on the angels singing thing...)

And? I could foundation piece on my terms and in the way fit to my maker style. I don't have time or energy to waste! I'm a busy lady and I want to spend all my free time creating... not ripping. Right?!

And that's why I created this workshop: to change your quilty life too. 

So, if you hate paper piecing, or you've sworn off paper piecing, then I encourage you to enroll in the Freezer Paper Piecing Masterclass and join team #neverrippers. 

Your quilty world is about to change my friend! Get excited! 

- Rebecca


How long will I have access to the patterns and videos?

You'll have "lifetime" access, which means you'll have access to all the videos and materials for the foreseeable future. So you'll be able to revisit the material as much as you need to refine your skills. 

Any live recordings will be uploaded to the masterclass hub. So if you can't join live, you can watch later at your convenience. 

Why do I need a course? Can't I just figure it out on my own?

Great question! Of course you can, but it'll take longer. If you value your time and want to get it right the first time, I can help you with that. I’ve synthesized the best of everything I know into this course, which after years of working with hundreds of quilters on this topic, is a lot. 

Save yourself the time and stress of figuring out on your own by enrolling in this step by step masterclass, taught by the expert. You'll find everything you need to know about Freezer Paper Piecing right here in one spot. 

I'm crazy busy, how much time should I expect to spend on this course?

Every single day, I get emails from quilters saying they can't wait to try this technique but they don't have time right now... And I get it! I'm crazy busy myself.  

This is the fast track path to Freezer Paper Piecing mastery. I’ll be teaching you the stuff that matters - no filler fluff! If you spend even a few hours a week implementing what you learn, you’ll save yourself a huge amount of time and energy in the long run.  

Or you could be one of the quilters emailing me saying you can't wait to try ... someday... 

I can't attend the live sessions, can I watch them later?

Yes! All live events will be recorded and uploaded to the course hub after the fact. (You'll find them in Module 3). You'll be able to watch and rewatch the recorded sessions at your convenience. 

What you'll get!

Inside the Masterclass you'll get:

Instructional Videos

a $59 value

Pattern Bundle

a $42 value

Real Time (Live) Support

a $37 value

Enroll today for $137!

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