Design Improv with Triangles

A virtual workshop with Rebecca Bryan

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Come design with me! 

Join me, Rebecca, as we learn all about using elements of graphic design as they apply to quilt making. Learn my design secrets as I guide you through interactive lessons that not only teach you about graphic design, but allow you to experience the process of designing your own triangle blocks.

You'll finish the course with a new set of design tools you can immediately apply to your own quilt designs.

Rebecca Bryan, Bryan House Quilts

What you’ll get out of this 6-week workshop:

If you've thought, "I wish could design, but I'm not sure where to start." Or, "I'm in a design rut." Then this is the workshop for you! 

Learn my design secrets in this interative course guiding you through 8 weeks of lessons aimed at teaching principles of graphic design. Each lesson delivers content and exercises geared at providing a solid design foundation you can apply right away to your own quilt designs. 

You'll have lifetime access to video lessons, articles, hands on activities, weekly Virtual Open Studios via teleconference, a workbook, and a community of quilters.  

A Virtual Classroom

Content is presented both through videos and articles and video format through our virtual classroom. Class begins June 11th but you'll have lifetime access to the classroom once we wrap.

Interactive Exercises

Experience designing your own blocks with interactive activities for each lesson.


Connect with a diverse community of makers and quilters in the Virtual Classroom.


I will be online daily checking in and answering questions. So all questions will be answered within 48 hours, if not 24 hours. For the "Full Package" course option, I will be hosting an Virtual Open Studio via Zoom where I'll teach a mini lesson on the past week's lesson and take your questions live.  

5 New Triangle Patterns

Of course, you'll be having so much fun experimenting with coming up with your own triangle designs. But I wouldn't want you to miss out having these new triangle patterns. 


Along with the lessons online, you'll get a PDF workbook to keep. 

Design Improv with Triangles Schedule:

Your workshop experience begins once you register. You'll receive an email welcoming you to class and you will see Lesson 1. Every week after you register, I will email you with a new lesson. 

Week 1 - Lesson 1: Introduction

Week 2 - Lesson 2: Line -

Week 3 - Lesson 3: Framing & Scale

Week 4 - Lesson 4: Figure & Ground

Week 5 - Lesson 5: Layering & Texture

Week 6 - Lesson 6: Compositional Balance

Week 7 - Lesson 7: Contrast and Similarity & Lesson 8: Closing

Note: You will have lifetime access to the workshop even after the workshop wraps.

Workshop Packages

Design Improv with Triangles

(Weekly Virtual Open Studios are not included in this package) 



$37 per month for 3 months

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do I have access to the course materials?

After the workshop winds down, you'll have lifetime access to the workshop. 

What supplies do I need?

Since you'll be doing the workshop from the comfort of your own home, the supplies are at your fingertips. No need to pack! And actually, you could complete the workshop with cardstock paper. 

Click here to download the supply list.  

What skill level is required?

Think of this workshop as a workshop geared toward experienced quilters with little graphic design experience. 

There is no quilting technique covered in this workshop. I would say a confident and resourceful beginner might be ok. You definitely want to have some solid knowledge of your favorite techniques. 

What about feedback from the instructor?

Yep! I'll be providing feedback on each of the exercises that you post. 

My goal is to provide feedback within 48 hours, if not 24 hours.

Do I need any special design software?


Do need any art or design background?

Nope, I'll teach you!

What if miss a class?

You will have access to all the classes as soon as each class is released. So, if you go on vacation and miss a class, no worries! The class will be there for you when you are ready.

Dangit! I have to miss this workshop. Will you be offering this class again?

You betcha! The self guide version will be available whenever you are ready. I'll be offering an instructor guided version starting in January 2018.

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