2019 Stargazer Block of the Month Features

Join me on the 2019 Stargazer BOM adventure! We are going to have a blast. It's going to be colorful and with a design that wows! I'll tell you more soon, but for now, check out what I've got planned for the Stargazer BOM. 


  • Monthly PDF printable instructions - Each month, you'll get a new instructions you can download and print. 
  • Complete Video Instruction - Each month, you'll have access to complete video instruction for that month's blocks. 
  • Exclusive Bryan House Quilts Pattern - You'll enjoy exclusive access to a Bryan House Quilts pattern. They're real and they're spectacular! 
  • Color Planner Worksheets - Follow meticulously planned color design or create your own color scheme using my Color Planner Worksheets. 
  • Color Organizer Stickers and Worksheets - I'll have printable stickers and organizer sheets to help you stay organized as we work with color through the year. 
  • Optional kits will be available for your convenience.
  • Exclusive access to the 2019 Stargazer BOM Facebook Group to show off your progress, to connect, get and give additional help and encouragement. 

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